May 17, 2019

M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S is based on a beautiful moment where somebody reminisces about their mistakes in the past and tries to think of ways to get over them.

Must be wondering what's this?
Don't worry...
Its for me to reminisce
A reference to what you mean to me,
Incase I ever miscue
I'd have something which I love,
Thoughts about you
I can't hide the fact,
I just can't stop thinking
about the way you smile,
Which is ever convincing
Sometimes I just let it out,
Seems like I'm stupid
When I didn't knew much
Instead looked for the cupid
There's an ecstatic melody,
In each line I wrote
Which only you can understand,
A river where only you float
And when I sink,
Be the light for me
A kiss is only what it takes,
To get me back to the sea
Its been a habit for me,
Another day I've counted
I am starting to get answers
For thoughts I've doubted
To melt into each other,
All I need is a breeze and wet
Ocean side with just you and me,
And a cloudless sky with sunset

- Utkarsh Dubey