One last time

March 02, 2019

This poem is about a person when he leaves a place and tries to express feelings for his lover about what he felt for her, it beholds a deep meaning.

Since I am leaving,
I think I ought to write this,
A dream you were weaving,
Inside me, full of bliss,
The day you passed by me,
Aware all the pain would ensue,
Kept asking to myself, who was she,
Made the decision I was meant to be with you,
Even though we didn't meet,
Felt like, lived my life with you,
Kept thinking the perfect way to greet,
But didn't got that courage, I knew
Thought of what would it be like,
Spending a day together,
Talk the whole day alike,
And better topics than "Nice weather"!
Riding a unicorn in the sky,
Feeling the wind touching our souls,
And as we dive and fly,
Adding you in the list of my goals,
But all the sweetest ecstasy,
Wasn't around for so long,
My head started filling with a gloomy symphony
Wanted to take you along,
I knew I had to bid adieu,
But not so soon,
I could say that "love is true",
You shall always be my moon,
Let's meet one last time,
Or I'll forever be lonely,
A heart and a rhyme,
You shall always remain my Hermoine.

- Utkarsh Dubey