Beautiful Pain

June 10, 2019

Beuatiful Pain is about a heartbroken man meeting his lover on a rainy day trying to even things between them but he fails miserably.

Once again,
That melancholous rain
Fell on us,
But like pain
And as she waded
And faded,
From my eyes
That sadness gladed
Loneliness and fear
I have to bear,
A harmony of sadness
Is what I hear!
I know she weeps
But still walks away
And shows ease
While I'm on my knees
I scream and shout
Cause there's no her
Undoubtful doubts
I'm broken throughout
Instead of tears,
It's blood flowing
As the memory nears
Of those beautiful years
And as lightning struck me
Those years forgotten
Those memories flee
And it feels I'm free
And as I fly apart
My soul
Throws a dart
Towards a new start
My mind full,
of thoughts as I die
Sometimes light can be dull
And pain can be beautiful.

- Utkarsh Dubey